This technology uses AI to classify each object in images at the pixel level.
Each pixel in the image is inferred as to which object it belongs to. It can be used to detect objects that are not suitable for rectangular detection, such as road lanes, cracks in concrete, etc.

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Surveillance camera

It identifies people and other objects in the video for person detection and behavior analysis. It can also detect specific scratches and cracks at construction sites to help prevent accidents.

Automatic driving

From the camera image, it classifies and identifies road white lines, sidewalks, buildings, etc., pixel by pixel, and is used for "recognition" by the automatic driving vehicle.

Example of practical application: Crack detection support system by deep learning

In collaboration with Shimizu Corporation, we conducted a demonstration experiment for the construction of a support system aimed at preventing accidents caused by collapsed excavation surfaces near tunnel faces at tunnel excavation sites. For details, please see the .

Medical Image Analysis

Can be utilized for MRI, CT scans, etc., and assists doctors to diagnose diseases by segmenting specific tissues and lesion areas.