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Make things come alive with deep learning

Deep Learning of Things


Provide a solution to introduce Embedded Deep Learning


We have been developing various types of products that assist to implement deep learning on edge devices. Starting from "DeLTA-Lite", a one-stop solution for from deep learning model building to hardware implementation without programming, we provide with the services necessary for deep learning embedding.

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    We offer a custom-made, practical solution to suit your needs and expectations by conducting research, designing, validation and system operations regarding a variety of deep learning use cases in a wide range of areas and industries (e.g. assistance to embed deep learning into a car or an industrial robot, anomaly detection in a production line, etc.).

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  • What is deep learning?

    Deep learning is one of the underlying technologies of Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is a multi-layered algorithm modeled after neural networks like the human or animal brain designed for pattern recognition, and mainly applied to image analysis, speech recognition and natural language processing.

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  • What is embedded deep learning?

    Embedded deep learning enables you to execute deep learning models on a small, general-purpose device such as FPGAs without using computing resources like cloud computing or GPUs. You are no longer limited to economical and environmental restrictions like funds, electricity, internet connection and so on.

    Benefits of using FPGA


    Space Saving


    Low Power Consumption


    No Internet Connection


    Real-Time Processing


    Bring Deep Learning
    to small devices

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