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Make the world a better place through new technology

Ever since the computer was invented, there was a long-standing problem that machines were unable to acquire knowledge based on real world data by themselves. Until now.
With the widespread of computers, and the internet revolution at the end of the 20th century, global information sharing became possible, but was still limited to mainly linguistic knowledge created by human beings.
In order to advance further, Deep Learning technology, which enables computers to learn abstract concepts like the human brain does by employing a neural network model that imitates the neural circuits of the brain, has been proposed.
Through Deep Learning, it is now possible to acquire knowledge based real world data and create a machine that could eventually grow autonomously.
How will technology influence our lives when we develop those algorithms and put them to practical use? We are aiming at creating a better world through our research.
We hope to find people to work together with us to increase the amount of things that we can do in this world by creating new technology.

Our Vision

Provide technology for the society, and bring progress to the world.

Curious and Ambitious
Keeping it Simple
Becoming the Best in our field