We are recruiting people who have same passion as we do, transform the world by using cutting-edge machine learning technology. Regardless of age, gender, nationality, or race, we respect diverse values and individuality, and provide an environment where everyone can leverage their strengths and grow together. Let's enhance our careers and create the future together at LeapMind.


We offer various work styles to respect individual circumstances and preferences, such as those who want to obtain a doctoral degree while working or those who prefer short-term or remote work due to family situations. Please refer to the detailed requirements for each job position.

  • Work Style

    Flexible work arrangements are available, including a full-flex system, fully remote work, and refreshment breaks.

  • Office Event

    To promote information sharing and communication among all employees, we organize social events and barbecues

  • 1 on 1

    To support employee growth, we conduct individual interviews to deepen communication.

  • Development Environment

    To improve the development environment, we provide 4K monitors, laptops, and high-back chairs in the office. We also offer telecommuting allowances (up to 5,000 yen per month).

  • Education Support

    We support the costs necessary for skill improvement, such as enrollment in Coursera courses or purchasing books.

  • Free Drink

    In the office, we provide free mineral water, coffee, and alcoholic beverages after working hours.

  • Welcome Japan Package

    We provide you a Welcome Japan Package to improve the employee experience to support thosewho are coming from abroad to join LeapMind.

  • Holiday and Vacation

    We have a 2-day weekend system (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays, and company-designated days (including year-end and New Year holidays). We also provide paid vacation days (5 days after 3 months of employment, 5 additional days after 6 months). Special leave such as bereavement leave and refreshing vacations are also available.



Tech Venture

60% of our members are engineers.



  • Our team consists of members from 6 countries.
  • English and Japanese are commonly spoken, and there are frequent meetings conducted in English.
  • Female employees play active roles in various layers of the organization, including managers and engineers.


  • Full flex system, fully remote work
  • There is close interaction with the board members.

Company Introduction

LeapMind's company introduction and recruitment policy