Image Noise Reduction

AI noise reduction for high resolution in dark conditions

This technology uses AI to reduce high-ISO noises caused by shooting in low-light conditions, to enhance resolution.
High resolution can be achieved in real-time even in lightweight devices like smartphones, where it is difficult to embed large image sensors, and in industrial cameras used in dark places.

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Digital camera (night mode shooting - low noise high-ISO shooting)

Effective for night scenes and illumination, as well as for starry skies and galaxies that require long exposures. It can also clearly reproduce high-contrast scenes such as morning sunrises in mountainous areas, and low-angle portraits such as candlelight and people.

Industrial camera (for logistics warehouses and factories under dark conditions, improved detection and inspection systems)

Expected to improve the accuracy of detection and inspection in dark areas, such as in distribution warehouses and factories. Low-noise, high-quality video improves accuracy and supports efficient operations in processes such as barcode reading and quality inspections.

Smartphone (night mode shooting - low light high-resolution shooting)

Reduces noise when shooting at night or in dark locations, achieving high-resolution photos that retain fine details. Capture clear images with limited light conditions, such as at nighttime events, parties, and outdoor night scenes.

Industrial X-ray inspection camera ( improving inspection system under low dose)

In low-dose inspections, X-ray images tend to contain a lot of noise, but AI-based noise reduction will enable more accurate detection of minute defects and anomalies. It is also expected to reduce exposure to radiation doses and speed up processing.

Surveillance camera (nighttime surveillance - disaster, nature, port, security)

Improves the image resolution in nighttime surveillance video. Clear images with reduced noise provide superior performance in a variety of situations, such as disaster monitoring, observation of natural environments, port surveillance, and security cameras, and enable more accurate video analysis and grasp of the situation.