LeapMind’s Employee Interview : Oshima

LeapMind’s Employee Interview : Oshima

After newly graduating from Tohoku University’s Electronic Engineering Master course, I joined a video game company. After that, I completed a doctoral course at Tohoku University and joined NTT laboratory prior to joining LeapMind.


What were you doing before joining to LeapMind?

As a new graduate I joined a game company and got assigned to the quality assurance department in charge of mass production etc. After that, I completed a doctoral course and joined NTT Laboratories. I was working on creation of technology in the fields including low-poer devices, modules and systems for wireless communication. I also worked on research and development in order to make the technology widely used in the world.


What are you responsible for at LeapMind?

I am a manager in the business division. My title is manager, but I’m also a “jack-of-all-trades”. I work as a sales representative, build sales process and propose projects to clients. As a hands-on manager, I work individually while supporting the entire project aiming for the further business development.

For example, when a client requested to introduce AI for the manufacturing automation, I firstly create a proposal to show clients what they can do by using deep learning. Then I construct the project structure, operate and proceed the project with the client while consulting with them.
It is such a great feeling when I find my proposal created based on the client’s need turns out to be more than they expected.

The challenging part of my work is that I need to cope with tasks that the technical fields are quite wide. Also it is important to keep up with new technology as the world is moving so fast. It is our mission to find out what we need to do to deliver our products with high quality and speed.
Right now, I mainly work directly with clients, but I would like to write code and design as an engineer. One day, I will gain both a business man’s and an engineer's perspective and I'd like to get involved in new business and product development.


Why did you choose LeapMind?

Not only deep learning, but also I was particularly interested in embedded technology. And, I really liked the job interview. Unlike an ordinary job interview, it was very casual and I felt a great vibe in this company. When I was on the screening process, I got the chance to talk with members in LeapMind and I found out that unlike others, LeapMind has their own technology and a clear vision based on the technology. Through the atmosphere of the interview, I could picture myself how I would be working in LeapMind after joining the company.


What are your colleagues like?

You might be able to enjoy working in LeapMind if you are the kind of person who actively challenge without fear to solve problems. It is important to deeply understand what the clients are looking for. This is how the business starts, so you are eager to find a solution to help clients with their problems, even if it’s not your area of expertise. You don’t need to decide your own tasks and say “I can’t do it” or “I don’t care because it’s not part of my work”. Please keep on challenging yourself!

I think that LeapMind would be a great place to work for anyone who wants to do a wide variety of things in the future or wants to challenge various things rather than being specialized in one thing.
You can’t work just yourself to accomplish tasks. I think you can do while learning by exchanging ideas with many people.


What are you expecting for the future?

Things called “Smart x x”, I think that only smart people can use them properly. I feel that they aren’t really user friendly. I hope everyone can use new technology through AI.
I think humans can be more relaxed. If we give ourselves more time and have room in our mind, I think we would help each other more and solve various problems together. So I will work hard to get a relaxing life.

Although people expect that deep learning can do anything, I want to find out the fact whether deep learning really can do everything and what deep learning actually can do.

I want to think about what deep learning should do, what can only be done by deep learning and its future.


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