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Job Description

· Design, development and improvement of building blocks of Deep Learning at high speed and low power (as part of our original product “Black Star”)

Required Skills

· Professional knowledge of high level synthesis (HLS)
· Basic knowledge of Deep Learning
· Knowledge of RTL development including Verilog, HDL or VHDL
. Knowledge of computer architecture

Good to have

· Knowledge of Linux
· C language programming skills
· Knowledge of peripheral circuit design of embedded microcomputers
· Experience in manufacturing self-made hardware using microcomputer, FPGA (CPLD)


· Always capture global trends and introduce optimal technology for your company
· Having knowledge of FPGAs as well as hardware in general
· Having knowledge of hardware as well as software
· Good communication skills and team work for collaboration with team and other departments

Treatment / condition

· Salary: Depend on experience / ability
· Benefits: Transportation expenses (with upper limit)
· Location: Headquarters / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
· Holiday: Full weekly two day system (weekends, holidays)
· Vacation: annual paid vacation / summer vacation / year-end and new year vacation / condolence holiday

Interview flow

· Document selection → first interview → second interview → offer

How to apply

Please send an email to our HR team attaching the following documents.

  • CV
  • Resume
  • A brief document explaining to which occupation you are applying and the reason why you think you fit for the position.
*In addition, please hand in other evidence(s) that helps to show your skills if you can. (any source code you may share, GitHub account, portfolio etc.)