New ecosystem for embedded deep learning

Everyone can reach out to and enjoy embedded deep learning with our formalized knowledge and technologies.

DeLTA-Lite eye catch image

DeLTA-Lite is a solution for building embedded deep learning models

Once labeled data and a hardware to load models get ready, deep learning models can be executed on a palm-sized device. Without advanced knowledge and programing, you can save a substantial amount of time working on from model building to model validation on hardware.

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DeLTA-Kit is a hardware kit for easily deploying deep learning

It provides a complete set of hardware materials which are necessary to implement deep learning on a palm-sized device. It also makes easier for you to deploy the deep learning models created by DeLTA-Lite.

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Training data labeling support tool for building deep learning models

This product is designed for supporting you to create a bunch of high quality labeled training data needed to build deep learning models. It remarkably helps task allocation and approval flow management, allowing for your tasks and workloads running in a centralized, uniformized and efficient manner.