Joint Research

Research and development that accelerates your business with us.

We provide one-stop solutions ranging from research and design to validation and operation with our advanced technologies.

We are the experts in deep learning with abundant experiences and familiarity in a wide range of fields.

01 pioneer

Abundant experiences since the early stage of deep learning

Sine being founded in 2012, we have been accumulating various experiences as specialized in deep learning. We will propose solutions with high feasibility that are built on the past use cases.

02 technology

Technology backed by Research & Development

We have full-time researchers working on technology research as well as writing and presenting papers in academic conferences. Making use of those advanced academic knowledge, we provide the cutting edge solution to your business problems.

03 expert

Make the impossible possible with software and hardware

The full potential of deep learning can be derived when you take both software and hardware approaches toward it. In fact, many companies including global ones have strength in either of the approach but there are few in both. We are one of the few which has accumulated experiences in the integration of software and hardware since our establishment, and will make further, advanced development with the unique advantage.

We will provide optimal solutions to your business challenges.


Anomaly detection

Locate cracks, spots, rust zones, etc.


Object detection

Detect human, cars, traffic lights, traffic signs, etc.


Hazard prediction

Predict the possibility of upcoming malfunction from big data, etc.

※We offer custom-made services to suit your needs for other use cases.

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Project Flow

We will propose feasible solutions based on validation.

Our final goal is not to deliver products to clients. We believe it cannot be achieved until we turn the PDCA cycle in clients' environment. Even after implementation, we offer full assistance from identifying issues to resolving them.

Phase 1 (1~3 Month)
  • Planning
Phase 2 (1~3 Month)
  • Pre-research
  • Research
  • Requirement definition
  • Data preparation
Phase 3 (6 Month~)
  • Model design
  • Model implementation
  • Model training
  • Model validation/Model compression
  • Parameter tuning
Phase 4 (1 Month~)
  • Implementation assistance
  • Operation assistance
  • Model re-training