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Away for 3 weeks?!

Hi! I‘m Rika from the HR team at LeapMind.
I have been working here for one year and a half and I’m mainly in charge of engineer recruitments. For this post, I would like to share some of my experiences here. It’s about this, kind of late summer holiday back in September 2019.

Many of you might have an image that we don’t take many holidays here in Japan: wrapping up work after business hours, not taking many vacations to refresh from day to day routine, etc... However, That is not the case for us and definitely, not all Japanese companies are like that. At LeapMind, we have paid bonus leaves on top of our regular paid leaves, provided to all employees every year. We can take these at any moment throughout the year.

In my case, I took those bonus leaves for my summer vacation. I planned and took almost 3 weeks off to travel around Europe. This was my first time traveling there, which was something that I always dreamed of doing.

Meanwhile back in Tokyo, our HR team had to make some adjustments and support each others’ work schedules along with their vacation plans.

We had discussed and decided how we wanted to handle this with support from different parties in the company. For example, we had to pause some of our tasks such as temporarily closing the job postings on our website and other channels. We also made sure to inform the people interested in working with us and that we were taking a summer vacation and there might be some delays in replying to their inquiries.

In the end, I enjoyed my trip without worrying too much about the work that I left in Tokyo, thanks to my team who planned and executed together to support each other backs :).

From HR’s perspective, It is very important to think of “healthy” benefits and systems for all employees since we have a lot of members, both domestic and foreign whose hometown is far from Tokyo or Japan itself.

We will continue to evolve as one team, together to bring a productive and happy workplace! Thanks for reading and I hope it inspired you for your next workplace :).

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