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こんにちは!"Leap Magazine"(社内報)スタッフです。今回はCustomer Success Divisionで日々笑顔を絶やさずに共同研究開発のDirectionを行うAkiko-sanにインタビューを行いました。


I worked with the account system in a life insurance company as my first job. After that,  I worked with web, apps and cloud system development prior to joining LeapMind.


クラウド・インテグレーション(CI)の導入・保守開発を担当していました。 プロジェクトリーダーとしてメンバーの作業の進捗管理や、担当するクライアントとの打ち合わせ、定例保守点検、改善提案、といった業務を主に担当していました。開発拠点がベトナムだったため、ブリッジSEとしても業務も担当していました。案件によりますが、管理だけではなく、自ら開発に携わることもありました。

I was in charge of introduction and maintenance development of cloud integration (CI). As a project leader, I was mainly in charge of duties including managing team members’ current progress, having meetings with my clients, regular maintenance check and making  proposals for project improvement. Because the project development was based in Vietnam, I was also working as a bridge SE. Depending on the project, sometimes I was involved in project development as well as project management.

What are you responsible for at LeapMind?



共同研究では、ドローンで撮影した画像から不具合箇所の検知や、現状の画像解析技術に限界を感じていた工場の不良品の検査へのDeep Learning導入検証など、お客様のニーズに合わせてコンサルティングしていきます。

LeapMindが提供する組込みDeep Learningは、ドローン等の小型デバイス上やオフラインの工場でもDeep Learningの実行を可能にするため、業種・業界にとらわれず、様々な分野のお客さまに技術を提供することができます。そのため、お客様の課題を一緒に受け止め、新しい切り口で解決の手助けをすることができる、難しいですがやりがいのあるポジションです。

I work as a project leader in the team related to collaborative development with our clients. My main duties are managing team members’ current progress, having meetings with clients, making proposals for project improvement, continuation and maintenance.

In collaborative research, I have consultations with clients based on their needs, such as detecting trouble sites through images taken with drones, inspecting introduction of deep learning to defect detection on products at the factories that are looking for better image analysis technology.

Embedded deep learning technology provided by LeapMind enables deep learning to run on small devices such as drones and also in offline factories, which make it possible to provide our technology to clients in various fields, regardless of the type of industry.

At the same time, it is difficult but a very rewarding position where I can work together with clients to sort out their issues.

Why did you choose LeapMind?



これまで機械は、人間より格下、あくまで人間の足りないところを助ける、補助するモノだと思っていたのですが、「なりたい」と言うような憧れの対象であることに驚きました。私もロボット映画等は好きで良く見ていたのですが、ロボットはあくまで「欲しい」と言う存在で「なりたい」存在ではなかったので、「機械になりたい」人が作りたい機械(Deep Learning)の会社ってどんな会社だろう、と改めて興味を持ちました。

Deep Learningの会社は他にもありますが、LeapMindは、Deep Learningをハードウェアに落とし込む点など、他社との差別化が明確で、会社としての夢・ビジョンを実現するために現実的にしっかり研究・開発をしていることに魅力を感じています。

Actually, I turned down a job offer from LeapMind once. At that time, I lived in the Kansai area and LeapMind’s CEO, Mr. Matsuda, came to see me during his business trip in Kansai. He told me about the company vision and his passion etc. which he didn’t talk about at the interview. I was very shocked when he said “I want to be a machine!”. I always thought that machines are created to help and assist humans. However, for him, machines are something he wants to be, that thought was really shocking. I like watching films about robots and would like to have one, but I never thought that I want to be a robot.

I got so curious about the company that offers products created by people who wish to be a machine.Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that offers Deep Learning technology.

However, LeapMind is clearly different from other companies in terms of their services including embedded Deep Learning to hardware. Also they dedicate themselves to research and development for company vision to come true. Those things really attract me.

What are your work values?




I believe that the quality of service should always be consistent, regardless of the consultant.

I really appreciate the opportunity to work with members with various fields of knowledge, skills, great personality and passion towards to their jobs and I really respect them for it. As a LM team member, I try to do my best to deliver the same service as other members.

What kind of company do you think that LeapMind is?



Deep Learningは技術的にも新しい分野で、前例のないことも多い業界です。なかなか研究の成果が出ないときもありますが、プロジェクトリーダーはそれを乗り越え明るく前向きにテンション高く、皆を導かなくてはなりません。ひとつひとつの仕事を自分事ととらえ、「受けて立とう!」という好奇心とチャレンジ精神を持って仕事に取り組める人がLeapMindで活躍できるのではないかなと思います。

At LeapMind, there are many members with prominent skills in a certain fields, at the same time they have weak points. But I think it’s well balanced as they can help each other, covering up the weak points. I think we will be a good team by helping each other.

Deep Learning is virgin territory for Technology, so we need to develop products from scratch or with little knowledge. I need to be positive and cheerful to lead team members even when we don’t get good result from the research. I guess that someone who takes on every single task as their own and is eager to learn and challenge new things, could build a successful career in LM.

What are you want to challenge?


社会に、身の回りにDeep Learningをどんどん浸透させていきたいです。


I want to dedicate myself to spread Deep Learning to society and our daily lives.

When DeLTA-Family first launched, I wanted to have a conference to get more people know about LeapMind technology and products. One day I had lunch with my colleagues and talked to them about my idea, they got really excited and finally we could have our conference. I greatly appreciate that lots of members at LM supported me in creating the event proposal, preparation for the event and setting up the booth on the day of the event. I believe that without their support, the event wouldn’t have been successful.The good thing to work for venture business is that you can decide whatever you want to do. At the same time, you have to do it yourself. But if you actively show initiative, there are lots of opportunities where you can challenge anything you would like to. I will keep on challenging new things in addition to my daily work.


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