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Deep Learning in Machine Learning

About this blog
This blog is directed to anyone with interest in AI and deep learning applications. The technical level should be appropriate for engineers with some basic hands-on experience in machine learning. The idea is to regularly post about interesting papers, deep learning frameworks or general experiences we’ve made at LeapMind Inc.
Communication about technological leaps and experimental results is important in a field where advancement is so fast paced. In this blog we are aiming to provide exciting technical insights.

About LeapMind Inc.
The mission of LeapMind Inc. is to foster AI research and the development of deep learning for business applications. Our research focus is reduce the amount of computation and facilitate distributed intelligence. We believe that society can advance a step ahead by developing business solutions using these technologies. We use the results from our research projects to improve our AI products and take challenges from the applications back to our research team. With this approach we can be innovative and effective.
Our motivation
We believe that in a society permeated with technology, humans can advance to the next level. We are working on solutions to make this advancement possible. History impressively illustrates that technology can make the world better if being used properly and responsibly.
Although "AI” and “IoT" have become major buzzwords recently, they have only been vaguely understood and how they can be put to practical use is still mostly unknown.
We see this as a wake-up call and a huge chance.
Undoubtedly, the core ingredient to have success in the AI market is state-of-the-art technology as being developed in the major tech companies like google and facebook.
Our approach
Innovation in the AI field worldwide has been driven by a few innovative companies until now. Despite the big data and AI boom, even some of the world's largest corporations lack the experience and knowhow to implement top-level AI solutions. Specifically, a careful design of innovative business models is required for accelerating market growth.
We are developing real-world applications together with our business partners to show that modern AI and IoT indeed provide a technological breakthrough.
Simultaneously, we have a long-term project to build an open AI platform to make smart business solutions based on big data available to everyone.

About me
My name is Isabel and I’m a researcher at LeapMind Inc. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Biomathematics from the University of Greifswald and a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Aizu. I have been working on Machine Learning applications for over 4 years in the fields of image processing, robotics, bioinformatics and speech analysis. I’ve joined LeapMind Inc. in April 2016 as a full-time researcher. It’s my passion to apply advanced mathematics to machine learning problems to create smart AI products.
Schwende Isabel

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