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Juiz System

Cognitive technology held by LeapMind to package will be in the " compact , simple to " to be on the platform to provide a Deep Learning technology at low cost

Data analytics

Make the future prediction by the data analysis / machine learning from the trend analysis / IoT device from large amounts of data

Research and development

The system construction involved in the Deep Learning from the approach survey , will provide a one-stop research and development / implementation in the shortest

Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence

LeapMind is the Deep Learning technology " in a compact , simple to " make anyone is easy to use platform that , by reducing the complex and cumbersome technology to the real world , and advances the world one step further calculations and network compression / best possess the technology to run even with a small computing environments, such as reduction , to enable the technology applied to the IoT and robots be made compact enough to move the Deep Learning in CPU environment of the coin size to achieve " all will lead the world."

Object recognition

It will be able to machine to recognize the object like a human

Similarity search algorithm

It will be able to looking for something similar to the recognized object

Arithmetic compression

It made ​​of a neural network , move the calculation method , a small computer by the compression of the model file

Understanding scene

Recognition from the detection , what will be able to understand that whether the situation is happening in the real world