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Life with Deep Learning

We are bringing Deep Learning technology to every corner of the world,
creating a richer and more creative society.

What We Do ?

System Development & Implementation

We are flexible in working closely with our clients, starting from Deep Learning system development down to hardware implementation and operations.

Offering Deep Learning Software as a Service

We provide Deep Learning SaaS, enabled by our platform "JUIZ DoT". This makes Deep Learning easily accessible for everybody.

Research & Consulting

We provide consultancy services based on our extensive expertise in machine learning. Our team works with the current state-of-the-art and also conducts research on novel Deep Learning solutions.

Use Cases

Application for autonomous driving

For self-driving cars we have provided a vision-based solution for automatic position detection of moving vehicles and traffic signal classification.

Structural anomaly detection in factories and buildings

We can automatically detect structural deterioration in factories and other types of buildings based on images and other data modalities captured by robots.

Edge intelligence and Internet of Things

We enable Deep Learning on IoT devices installed in smart home appliances etc. Processing at the edge with Deep Learning allows for low power consumption, high speed and privacy preservation.

Software Technology

Deep Learning compression and acceleration

We develop highly efficient Deep Learning architectures that work with limited memory and at high speed, customizable to meet specific hardware requirements.

500x model compression while maintaining performance

Compressed models can be implemented on to embedded devices. This reduces the cost of Deep Learning.


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Power efficiency improvement

Compressed models can be further optimized through FPGA acceleration, resulting in faster computation with less power consumption.

Image Classification

Image Segmentation

Hardware Technology

Hardware Design

Our embedded Deep Learning solutions make use of an unique hardware IP that can be implemented on small size FPGA-chips.

10x speed up with Deep Learning on FPGA

By constructing a circuit dedicated to Deep Learning on FPGA, we can provide 10x speed up as compared to CPUs.

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