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Life with DeepLearning

We are bringing DeepLearning Technology to every corner of the world, creating a richer and more creative society.


Improve DeepLearning accuracy and reduce computational complexity

While improving the accuracy of the models themselves, we are conducting research on innovative algorithms that reduce the computational complexity to empower DeepLearning in small computing environments

Low power and efficient circuit design

We are carrying out research on original chip architectures in order to implement Neural Networks on a circuit enabling low power DeepLearning

From solution proposal to system operation

We provide a step by step project flow, from the DeepLearning solution proposal to operation, deployment and training of staff

Embedded DeepLearning Library

LEAPMIND is creating a simple and compact platform that enables everone to use complex and cumbersome technology easily. We are developing neural network optimization technology that enables DeepLearning in coin sized computing environments, bringing the power of DeepLearning to IoT and robotics


Edge computing for smart home applications

Manufacturing industry

Abnormality detection of machine behaviour and situation understanding

Trend analysis

Understanding trends based on SNS data


Understanding of Consumer behaviour based on DMP data


Optimization of traffic


Understanding the state of human beings