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By using the technology , advance the society one step ahead

From the computer is the invention , there was a long-standing problem of the machine itself up to now can not acquire the knowledge representation from the real world . And with the advent of computers , it occurs information revolution that took place at the end of the 20th century , but is now available global information sharing , could not help but stay in the mainly range for circulating the linguistic knowledge that man-made . Recently to solve the these problems , by stacking a neural network model simulating a neural circuit of the brain to deeper layers , deep learning techniques that can learn abstract concepts human brain so that successful year. こ To acquire knowledge from the real world information by Les , realization of a machine capable of performing autonomously new creation is now available . It created a algorithm to be the stepping stone , by dropping it to a practical level , how to influence technology in real life ? To study , we aim to build a better world . We use the technology together , we sincerely hope that you find the fellow who can help you increase that you can to the world .

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And people with commitment
With people like Tsukuseru our best to achieve something , we would like to offer a dramatically changing technologies and services the world
Change the world
With a driving force
We are not bound to a fixed concept in order to cause the wind of change in the world , new ideas , services , we would like to continue to be a innovation population that go to produce the goods. The world is now , big changes at tremendous speed , has grown . There is no other to continue to implement the service nor to anywhere in the enterprise to cause a revolution in the world . Let's do our best to create more great services and mechanisms and products .